Istorii de succes

Istorii de succes

Soluții inteligente pentru performanță – de la agricultura convențională la agricultura...

10 Istorii de Succes MAC-P

Proiectul Agricultura Competitivă în Moldova a lansat broșura ”Istorii de Succes”. În broșură sunt prezentate 10 istorii ale beneficiarilor MAC-P, care cu suportul Proiectului au reușit să atingă performanțe deosebite.


Due to a fruitfull partnership with local public administration, youth from regions with donors’ support offered a chance to more than 3000 young people to benefit annually of servcies provided by 25 youth resource centres and 25 youth-led NGOs. This brochure contains only 10 success stories, which could serve as good incentive for other similar initiatives to be launched at local level.

RISP II: Istorii de Succes

The Rural Investment and Services Project RISP was launched in 2002 to foster economic development in the rural area. The project contributes directly to sustainable economic growth by creating new jobs, offering investment credits, improving the productivity of farmers and rural entrepreneurs. A national network of agricultural extension was set up within the project and provides its services to over 350,000 farmers annually.